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Confusion over deadlines.

There appears to be some confusion over the published deadli...

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Planning Application on-line.

The Planning application for the Clashindarroch Windfarm is ...

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Vattenfall Environmental Statement

The Clashindarroch Environmental Statement is available on C...

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Deadline for Comments

The deadline for comments on the application is 25 June 2009...

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Public meetings

Vattenfall to hold open exhibitions.

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Information is provided below which is held either by ourselves or on public servers which can be downloaded for reference purposes.

The documents provided here are generally in the form of .pdf files. These can be viewed with the Acrobat Reader software. If you do not have this software, it can be downloaded, for free, from the following link : Link to download Acrobat Reader software.

Specific to Clashindarroch

Friends of Clash press release 11 May 2009

Vattenfall Information

Clashindarroch Planning Statement

Clashindarroch Non-technical Summary